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Welcome to De Kinder Club‘s blog 🙂

We will be updating this space constantly to give you a peek into what we do in our classes! Do follow us on our Instagram (@dekinderclubsg) for our latest updates and our website for more details on our programmes!


Published by dekinderclub

At De Kinder Club, we believe that every child is a gift. Every child is capable of thinking creatively. Inspired by early education concepts from Europe, De Kinder Club’s multi-disciplinary approach focuses primarily on experiential learning. De Kinder Club aims to harness the creative potential in each child, developing them towards becoming both innovative and critical thinkers. By trusting and respecting our children to make wise choices, we enter into a collaborative learning process where independence and kindness are held in high regard. De Kinder Club believes in nurturing our young thinkers through character building and holistic learning that will help them blossom into the independent and empowered individuals they are meant to be.

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